May 5, 2016

Style │ Clear Heel Boots with Black Turtleneck Sweater

IMG_7926_3 IMG_7841_3 IMG_7985_3

coat from H&M │ similar here & here
turtleneck sweater from C&A │ similar here & here
jeans from H&M │ similar here & here
boots from Schuhtemple24 │ similar here & here
bag from Primark │ similar here & here │ sunglasses from Mango │ similar here & here

Although, the clear heel shoe trend was not new this season, I still find that this style is very modern and can be combined to create both feminine or edgy minimalist looks. The other style trick I like to use is that an all black or a monochromatic look always helps to accentuate items with out of the ordinary details. I know, this outfit might seem a bit too warm for this weather, but I actually shot these photos more than a week ago when we had the (hopefully) last few cold days this year. Anyhow, I also packed out my old faithful burgundy cross body bag so its color can add extra dimension to the look.

On the other side of my life things are being super busy, my summer semester is a lot shorter than the winter semester was, but the workload is the same, if not more...this is the reason that I had to delay posting this outfit and also the next one (coming up on Monday!), even though I have shot them a while ago. The thing that is keeping me the most busy at the moment are two poster competitions where we are required to take part, but I am also very soon going to start designing physical letters and an info-graphic for the European Commission's Joint Research Center. Luckily I still had the time to get out of the house and checked out the local Kirmes (or fun fair) for some Belgian fries and sweet almonds.

IMG_7807_3 IMG_8017_3 IMG_7883_3 IMG_7881_03


  1. I love this! You look so mysterious and cool. On top of it all, you have the coolest red hair! And shoes are amazing.