May 4, 2016

Beauty │ April Favorites

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This past month I have tried out some new beauty products and I have been lucky enough that all of them were a complete success for me, so I thought that I would share my experience with you guys!
First of all, my eternal search for the perfect foundation with a decent coverage for my very dry and very fair skin has already brought me to try out all sorts of products from the most basic drug store to some high-end make-up. I was just about to embark on a new search mission after a few months of making do with semi-satisfactory foundations for my very complicated needs when I saw that Maybelline has just brought out a wide range of new liquid and cream foundations. I rushed to DM and immediately bought the Dream Satin Liquid and the Dream Velvet Foundation. So let me explain my need and wishes in a foundation so you might see why I went for these two products. First of all, my skin is very dry and, at some critical areas I constantly have dry patches, so a mattifying foundation usually just makes my complexion look cakey and somehow old. The other issue as that I have ultra fair skin with cool undertones, and it is also very thin with red and purple capillaries being visible, thus I don't only need a perfect color match, but also at least a good medium coverage. If you have some of the above mentioned issues, than bare with me, because I might just have the solution for you. Also by clicking on the name of the product you can find more information about sizes, price etc. and a shopping link.

I had really high hopes when I first heard about this foundation, because the word "Satin" gave me the impression that this will be a non-matte foundation that would not dull down my dry skin; and I was right! The foundation has a great consistency and is super easy to work it in both with a brush or with your fingers. 03 True Ivory is a near perfect match for fair skin, which is a first time thing for me in a drug store product. The color is sufficiently bright and it has a more neutral than cool undertone, but I think that this might make it ideal for some many of you. The foundation is also supposed to blur pores, but since I don't have this issue I can't really comment on this aspect. Generally, I really really like the Dream Satin Liquid, it is my absolute everyday go-to foundation, because it has a great shade and the finish is super natural with a light medium, but well buildable coverage. The only thing that I find a bit negative is that the pigmentation is not the highest, so the bottle doesn't last too long, but for me it is so comfortable to wear that I don't mind.

This foundation is a dream...well at least it would be if they would release more than just 6 shades in Germany! 01 Natural Ivory is unfortunately a bit darker and warmer in shade then the lightest in the Dream Satin Liquid, but I can imagine that it will be just fine if I get a bit of spring tan. The 10 Ivory is absolutely not Ivory, again way to dark and way too warm for someone with fair skin! I have seen that outside of Germany they have a shade called 10 Porcelain Ivory, so if you can, go for that for fair skin. The Velvet Soft Matte foundation comes in a tube and it has a pretty thick slightly mousse like consistency which is very nice to handle with fingers or a damp beauty blender and acceptable with a brush. The pigmentation and the coverage is higher than in the Dream Satin Liquid, but again, I think a tube doesn't last super long. What is very cool about this foundation is that it really keeps the skin looking and feeling hydrated while having a velvety matte finish.

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The Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Athens can be an ideal nude lip cream, not just for fair and light skin. The color is slightly peachy and definitely on the warm side, which makes it absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, the cream does dry out the lips a bit during the day, but I think this is more of an issue for those with dry skin. The pigmentation and longevity are great. The color stays put and doesn't slip around after talking. It is slightly resistant against eating and drinking and also seems to fade away equally from the lips without leaving a weird frame of color at the outer edges.

This transparent gel really helps keeping my naturally thick brows in shape and at place during the day. I'm not really sure if it plumps as well, but it is a good fixing product both on its own and combined with a liner or brow powder.

This is probably one of my favorite make up products of all time! After using pressed powders for a quite a while switching to this showed me how much more superior loose powders are. The finer powders work some much better on every skin type and for all age groups creating a lot more professional make up look. The Ellen Betrix powder is not just incredibly worth its price because of its quality, but also because of how long one little box lasts.

Even though, this is a limited edition product, I recently have found it in my make up drawer and since then I use it so often. Highlighting became very important in my morning make up routine (not the way they sometimes do it on Instagram though, keeping things real and classy here), and it is great to have different hues of highlighters to always match the other colors in my look.

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  1. Soon I'll be heading to NYX store, and I think I might try out that liquid beauty...I've always loved Maybelline make-up, but I mostly use only BB and CC creams...but foundation look so light and natural, I might try it...