Apr 18, 2016

Interior │ Bathroom Details

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"How great it would be to have a big and new bathroom!" - I closed my recent conversation in unity with a good friend. She is moving to Germany right now and she could only find an apartment with a tiny bathroom. As a full-time student with a part time job the situation is pretty much the same in my rental, but this has never stopped me to strive to make this nook of my home just as homely as I would imagine it in a few years. The things is, that just like with an outfit accessories can make it or brake it, and even though starting with a plain white and minimalistic "canvas" probably makes the job easier (at least for the look I would like to achieve), but actually with the right color combinations and the smart, out-of-the-box usage of storage spaces and materials, any bathroom can become a gorgeous space. In this post I have gathered a few inspiring shots and some easy to get items that might freshen up your home as well.

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Photos from: MakeAHomeOracle FoxPinterest

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