May 25, 2016

Editorial │ Amanda Murphy by Quentin de Briey For UK Vogue May 2016

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One of my main source of inspiration both for my blog and for my work as a design student comes from great editorials. Already as a little girl I have spent so much time browsing through my mom's fashion magazines and sometimes cutting out parts of the photos to create collages of my own imagined fashion shoots. Even now, there are so many elements of editorials that open up my eyes to new points of views for the way I see fashion (and photography). Quentin de Briey's latest spread is really something that reflects my current spring mood and carving for warmer weather and sunshiny fields with lots of casual styles. If you liked this post or if you are interested in more you can visit the Visual Optimism blog for amazing editorials and campaigns from the fashion world.

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model │ amanda murphy (img)
photographer │ quentin de briey (cadence)
stylist │ verity parker (jedroot)
hair │ jonathan connelly (art-dept)
make-up │ lucy burt (dandv)

All photos from / Alle Fotos von: VisualOptimism

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