Jan 5, 2016

Style │ Mom Jeans and Faux Fur Coat

IMG_4438_2 IMG_4549_2 IMG_4740_2

jeans from H&M │similar here & here
faux fur coat from Zara │similar here & here
turtleneck sweater from Zara  similar here & here
boots from H&M  similar here & here
bag from Primark  similar here & here  sunnies from Ray Ban │ similar here & here

First of all, let me address my German readers in the first post of the new year, since I unfortunately couldn't manage to translate my recent posts from English. Even though I speak excellent German, it is my third foreign language, thus I barely get the opportunity to practice it in a written way, neither in my studies nor personal life. Due to lack of time while close to finishing my first study semester as a designer, I really didn't have the time to translate my texts in a manner and quality I would like to, so I decided to catch up on it after my exams! I promise I will do it as soon as I can!

So let me start with a confession. Well, yes, about mom jeans...I would have never ever thought that the day would come when I would wear something so 80-90's like this piece. When I ordered this pair I was in my experimental mood, so I really wanted to see what is the hype about and I also needed to add some new cool cuts to my wardrobe. Not to mention that I am still trying to get my head around that skinny jeans are not considered a fashion fit anymore, but a basic fit. (When did that happen?)
After all, to my biggest surprise, I find mom jeans to be super cool! About the comeback of flare pants I felt a lot more comfortable and I could adopt to it a lot easier, since I wore them through most of my elementary school years and a part of my adolescence, but it definitely took this well cut pair to convince me that it is worth adding at least one or two mom jeans to a up to date wardrobe.

IMG_4686_2 IMG_4449_2 IMG_4674_2

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