Jan 11, 2016

Beauty │ My First Hair Extensions from Irresistible Me

Irresistible Me hair extensions beauty review and test Irresistible Me hair extensions beauty review and test Irresistible Me hair extensions beauty review and test

Around a month ago I was asked if I would like to test hair extensions from Irresistible Me who produces 100%  Remy human hair products, and since I have always been planning to try out a nice set I immediately said yes to the opportunity! At this point I have to mention, that because of a few things I had to take these photos super quickly, meaning I didn't have time to straighten my hair out properly (or curl the extension), so my whole hair texture is not perfectly blended together, but I will update the photos later. Please ignore the imperfect styling!
My extension from their Silky Touch line in the color Light Red reached me in two weeks and they came in a very nicely designed box which is ideal to store them tangle-free. In the box there was a sealed plastic package with two compartments, the smaller one with one 2 clip extension for testing and in the other compartment the rest. The test part can be opened without any effect on the return right, so I could take out and check the hair color and length, which was almost exactly fitting to my hair color, except being a slightly bit cooler in tone. Now I could open the main part and start doing my hair. I ordered their 24 inch long and 200 g weight set, because my natural hair is pretty long and thick so I wanted a harmonious and matching effect, but you can choose from two more weight categories and six different lengths.

On the picture below I am showing you the main piece, which has 4 clips and according to You Tubers who have tested other brands, it is unique to Irresistible Me, because of the three rows of hair sewn together. It is definitely a thick piece, but to make the look complete there is two 3 clip, five 2 clip and two 1 clip extensions in the box(yep, ten pieces in total!). I didn't want to show you how I put in the extensions, because I am a complete beginner in it and, although I learnt the thing very quickly, I still think that if you go to the company's You Tube account you will find very nice videos on the topic.
I have not worn my extensions everyday, but I have learnt a few things about them in this time. First of all, carrying a small brush in your bag is important to prevent the hair from tangling. You don't need to run to the bathroom every hour to brush it, but if you are at a party then check on it a few times! Since they are 100% real hair you can style and heat style the extensions in any way you want. They come straight and most of the time I try to wear them straight, because I want to make them last as long as possible. What I mean with this is that applying styling products to it makes it necessary to be washed more often, which possibly shortens its lifespan. I think I have been taking good care of them, because they almost look and feel like when I first tried them out. The Irresistible Me extensions can be dyed, but they have a huge range of colors (video linked below), so unless you are sporting granny or mermaid hair, you can easily find your match.
In these photos I didn't clip in two of the 2 clip extensions, but I think the results speak for themselves. Overall I had a very great first experience wearing the Irresistible Me extensions and I am definitely going to keep on wearing them and making hair tutorial posts with them!

To see what colors, weights and lengths are available you can visit the Irresistible Me webpage or for a very precise, side-by-side color guide check out their YouTube video here.

Irresistible Me hair extensions beauty review and test Irresistible Me hair extensions beauty review and test Irresistible Me hair extensions beauty review and test Irresistible Me hair extensions beauty review and test
Before and after. Wow!

*in a friendly cooperation with Irresistible Me. Thank you!


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